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Provision of Slimhole Drilling Services for One (1) Geothermal Well at The Barrier Volcanic Complex, Turkana, Kenya

This will involve:

  1. Mobilization and demobilization of the required drilling rig, auxiliary equipment and personnel to and from the Project area. This shall also include rig up and rig down.
  2. Drilling the well at the sites in accordance with the agreed Drilling Program and in accordance with the specifications set out in Part III. The contractor shall have his own drill string including all required drill bits with full inspection certificates.
  3. Provision of well control equipment (BOP) as per the specifications set out in Part III below.
  4. Provision of required bentonite, polymer and drilling detergent.
  5. Running of casing and cementing services including supply of cement, equipment and personnel. The cementing shall be carried out as per the specifications set out in Part III.
  6. Well logging, supply of down-hole logging equipment (temperature and pressure) and personnel, and execution of the services. Well testing requirements will be determined by the reservoir conditions and well productivity.
  7. Mud logging.
  8. Well completion testing.

Deadline : 27th September 2020 1700HRS EAT

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